Everything that you do is evil for someone

There have always been, and always will be, actions which appear to some as good, while the same actions appear to others as evil. That is the nature of humanity. We must accept that simple fact or be forever condemned to battle.

“Everything that you do is evil for somebody”.

In every country, in every religion, we find those who view an action as evil, while others find that same action to be acceptable. Within every country and within every religion there is great diversity of opinion. We all have different viewpoints.

Throughout history we have had war, conflict and violence in the name of religion and in the name of nationalism, each side ready to fight to the death for their viewpoint. Such is the nature of mankind.

We are all different. It is that simple…each and every one of us is different. We have always been different, we will always be different. We must learn to accept our differences with patience, tolerance, understanding and love or else we will be in strife forever.

The first step in finding any peace, on either an individual or social basis, is the loving acceptance of “what is”. Our diversity must be accepted, not denied or attacked. There can never be peace without acceptance of “what is”. All war, all battle, all human conflict is our resistance to the way things actually are. We continually fight against “what is”, and the battle continually fails.

The diversity of mankind will never be conquered by national governments or by religious leaders. Our diversity is the very reason that we exist. We exist to be individuals, we exist to be different. We must accept this simple fact if we want to find the heart of peace. We must simply accept “what is”.

Yet within the mosaic all of this diversity, with all of our individual opinions, and with all of our individual needs, there is a common center that we all share, regardless of nationality, or race or religion… and that is the center of LOVE.

For those who see with the eyes of love, there is only the loving, nothing else really matters. Let us rise above the differences and distinctions on the wings of tolerance, understanding, patience and love. Nothing else will ever bring peace.

Mankind has tried to conquer diversity with war, violence, hatred and persecution for thousands of years and yet we never seem to learn the lesson… all of that war, violence, hatred and persecution has been a complete failure. In fact, there is no amount of war, violence, hatred and persecution that will ever end our diversity. Diversity is only conquered with tolerance, understanding, patience and loving kindness

When someone doesn’t approve of someone else’s behavior, the general reaction is to try to compel the other person to change. But that is not the challenge which Life holds for us. The challenge is not about changing the world outside of us, the challenge is about changing the world within us. To see a new world, we must see with new eyes.

Instead of fighting against diversity, we should strive to accept our differences and deal with one another in tolerance, understanding, patience and loving kindness. We must strive to see with new eyes. Nothing else will ever bring enduring peace or satisfaction.

The Body, Mind and Soul

It used to be that when I heard these words, I would envision a Buddhist Monk sitting in some meditative position on a picturesque mountainside. Peaceful and Calm…

These three words are more than an advertising tag line.  In fact, these words may be the most important three words next to “I love you.”  The truth is that they are not just a peace inspiring notion, but a call to action, action that will change your life. We are a multi-dimensional, energetic being…a Divine Being.  You are so much more than just a physical being aspect of us exist in different dimensions! But we are focusing on three of them; the dimensions of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

We have our physical body, which exists in the 3rd dimension, our mind exists in the 4th dimension, and our spirit exists in the 5th dimension and beyond.  Many of us have never given any thought to the connection between these three parts of ourselves and our current life circumstances. We spend so much time learning…learning criminology, history, politics. Learning how to ride a bike, cook, make the bed. We learn how to drive, perform job tasks and how to advance in our careers. And yet, we neglect to learn the one thing that affects every single aspect of our lives. The one thing that innervates every thing we think, feel and experience day in and day out.  It’s the communication between our body, mind and spirit.

There is a communication loop between these three aspects of our “selves.”  When these three parts of you are incongruent, your life will feel chaotic, and you will find it difficult to move forward and manifest your dreams.  If you want to take charge of the direction of your life, you need to learn how to get them into vibrational alignment.

Not only are you a multi-dimensional being, you are an energetic being.  You and everything else in existence have an energetic vibration.  Because the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, everything in your current environment is a vibrational match to your own vibrational frequency. You are always broadcasting a vibration out into the universe, and therefore, you attract to you, only that which is of the same vibrational quality. Everything you experience is a reflection of your vibrational state.

So, take a look around.  Do you like what you have created…your relationships, finances, family , health?  It is all a reflection of what is going on in your vibration.  If you are completely and utterly happy with every part of your life, then you are in alignment…pat yourself or your “selves” on the back!  

But, if you are like 99% of the population, there is something in some area of your life that you can’t seem to manifest.  Maybe it is the loving relationship, or the income, or new entrepreneurial venture. Whatever it is, you want it, but you don’t have it.  If what you want does not match what is showing up in your experience, then you are NOT in alignment.

Let’s take a look at how communication happens between your body, mind and spirit on any given day.  

You are comfy and cozy, wrapped up in your comforter, sound asleep and your alarm wakes you up…way too early, of course.  Your thoughts begin to gravitate toward all the things you have on your schedule at work that day.  “Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to go to work” you think.  You have just initiated vibrational communication with your higher self.  You have just communicated a desire.  A desire for something different.  Your higher self in the 5th dimension, your spirit, receives this desire and in response, sends you other thoughts and inspirations that vibrationally match that desire.  You will perceive these as your own thoughts.  You may begin to think about your true passions, or careers that would bring you joy, not dread.  Maybe you will find your self imagining what it would be like to have total financial freedom, so you could spend your days climbing Mount Meru or other hobbies.  The more you think about these inspirations, the more your vibration starts to align at the level of the mind.  

But then, you will do one of two things.  You will continue to entertain those thoughts that are a vibrational match to your desire, or you will begin to think of all the reasons why that desire cannot possible come to fruition.  Most of us do the latter. So we drag our butts out of bed for another day at an unfulfilling job. 

I’m going to tell you something that may be difficult to wrap your brain around, but it is imperative that you allow this truth to penetrate your belief system.  Here it is: 

If you experience a true desire, any desire, now, then it is absolutely available, for you to have in your life experience, now.  Anything that you can imagine, already exists.  If you can imagine it, then it is within your power to have it! Period. Let that sink in for a minute. If you can imagine it, you can have it! If you couldn’t have it, you wouldn’t be able to imagine it!

The brilliant spiritual teacher, Neville Goddard said it best, “The whole of creation exists in you, and it is your destiny to become increasingly aware of its infinite wonders and to experience ever greater and grander portions of it.” 

If it isn’t available to you, you wouldn’t conceive of it in the first place!

Einstein has been noted to say that he would go into a sort of daydream, in a trance-like fashion, and that is when he would receive ideas, theories and scientific equations.  He received these inspirations from his 5th dimensional self.  By the way, the 5th dimension is also where we have access to our spirit guides.  Perhaps some of Einstein’s scientific theories were channeled to him from spirit guides with this advanced knowledge.  Either way, it is inspiration from the dimension of spirit, received by the mind.  

What is the difference between us and Einstein? Nothing.  We have the same capability to receive inspiration and ideas from our spiritual aspects.  It is what we do with that inspiration that differentiates us.  Einstein took that inspiration, those ideas received by his mind, trusted in their accuracy, and translated them into physical action.  He took the ideas, and set out to prove them.

How many times have you had an idea, and you felt inspired in that moment? What followed that initial excitement?  More often than not, it was followed by resistance.  Resistant thoughts.  Thoughts about all the reasons why it can’t work out for you.  This is resistance from your ego. Your ego has been keeping you alive and safe all your life. That is it’s primary purpose, to keep you from harm or perceived harm in most cases.  

As soon as you start to imagine a new course, something different than the norm, something outside of your current comfort zone, your ego kicks into high gear!  Even though chances are that the idea, if implemented, would not cause your imminent death, your ego still perceives this unknown, unchartered path with the same protective vigor as it would if you were faced with a real threat to your well-being.  

So, the inspired thought is immediately followed by fear-based thoughts.  Your idea for a new business would inevitable be followed by your fears about money and survival.  Your mind is out of vibrational alignment with your spirit.  Our spirit is vibrationally aligned with our desire, but our thoughts at the level of mind, are not.

Now, let’s say that you recognize those fear-based thoughts as what they really are…resistance from your ego, and instead, you remind yourself, “hey, I wouldn’t be able to have this idea if it wasn’t attainable and aligned with my highest path and purpose.”  What would happen then?  

You would continue to allow yourself to imagine your desire.  As you imagine it, you would attract even more thoughts that are in vibrational alignment with that desire.  Then, you would begin to feel something.  The inspiration has come from the spiritual dimension (5th), into the dimension of your mind (4th), and now is penetrating the dimension of your body (3rd).  The doorway between your mind and your body, is emotion.  

Your emotional body is like a membrane between your physical body and your mental body.  So, it exists on the boundary of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  Emotions are what translate our thoughts into physical sensation at the level of body. For example, take a minute, and remember an event in your life. An event that was extremely sad, like the death of a loved one, or maybe a happy event, like the birth of your child.  Let yourself remember it, just for a moment. You could feel it, couldn’t you?  Did the mere thought of that event, bring back the rush of emotion that you had at that time? 

Where did you feel that emotion?  You felt it partially in your mind, and partially in your physical body, right?  Maybe you felt it in the pit of your stomach, or felt tears come to your eyes.  At the same time, your initial memory would have been followed by thoughts related to and matching the vibration of that event, compounding the sadness, or fear, or happiness.

Your thoughts inspire emotions which cause a reaction in your physical body.  So, now you can see the connection between your body, mind and spirit, right?  

Heres what it looks like if your body, mind and spirit are in alignment:

You think a thought – have a desire – your higher self gives you inspiration on how to manifest that desire – you receive that inspiration in your mind – as you think about that idea, you attract more thoughts that are in vibrational alignment with that thought – you start to have feelings as you imagine the desired outcome – the feelings take the inspiration from the level of thought into the level of the physical – you take inspired action – you are in vibrational alignment body-mind-spirit – you attract your desired outcome into your physical life experience.  Walla !  Magic!

If misalignment occurs between the spirit and the mind, it looks like this:

You think a thought – have a desire – your higher self gives you inspiration on how to manifest that desire – you receive that desire in your mind – you immediately let your fear-based thoughts take over – you start to feel fear or disempowerment – you feel uncomfortable – you abandon this idea and go back to your comfort zone.  Nothing changes!

Example: You hate your job – as we all do usually Lol !!! you form the desire for a new job – your higher self gives you the inspiration for a job that aligns with your highest path and purpose – you tell yourself it’s not possible to do something you love and make enough money to pay for your house, car, kids, etc. – you feel discouraged – you go get ready for work – nothing changes. I admit.. count me in.

Here is what it looks like when you are out of alignment at the level of the physical:

You think a thought – have a desire – your higher self gives you inspiration on how to manifest that desire – you receive that inspiration in your mind – as you think about that idea, you attract more thoughts that are in vibrational alignment with that thought – you start to have feelings as you imagine the desired outcome – the feelings take the inspiration from the level of thought into the level of the physical – you wait for something to happen – you take no action – nothing changes!

Example:  You hate your job – you form the desire for a new job – your higher self gives you the inspiration for a job that aligns with your highest path and purpose – you imagine it – you attract more thoughts about doing what you love and making a ton of money doing it – you begin to feel excited, motivated, giddy – then you get up and go to your job, telling yourself that if it is meant to be, the universe will bring it to you – you do nothing different – you don’t take any new action in the physical – nothing changes.  

So, as you can see, when any part of this trio is out of alignment, you will not get new results. You need to send out a consistent vibration for your desire in order to align with it and therefore attract it into your physical experience.  

If your spirit is saying “hey, this is what you want, and here is a way to get it,” and your mind is saying “nope, too scary,” those are too different vibrations, right?  If your mind is saying “Yes!  Great idea! I can see myself doing that!” And your physical self says “Eh, that sounds like a lot of effort, and I am pretty darn comfortable sitting right here on my couch.” Those are two different vibrations you are sending out.  The dominant one will attract your experiences.

Let’s say the you have managed to align your spirit, mind, and body. You have received the inspiration from spirit, you have aligned your thoughts with it, and successfully squelched the resistance from your ego. You have even taken some new action toward your desire.  Bravo!  But then, you look around you, and your desire hasn’t shown up yet.  In fact, you have manifested the exact opposite of what you wanted! This makes no sense, right?  Before you throw in the towel, and run as fast as you can back to your comfort zone, let’s expose this little known phenomena that causes us to sabotage our results more often than not.

Once again, it’s just a matter of energy. Actually it’s a matter of matter and energy. When you translate that new vibrational thought into action within the physical dimension, you are introducing a new vibration that is different than the current dominant vibration in your environment.  Although you can change the vibrational frequency at the level of spirit and mind immediately, things take longer when we try to change the vibration in our dense, physical world.

So, there is a period of time between when you have taken inspired action, which  introduced the new vibration into your physical world, and the appearance of the physical things and experiences aligned with that new vibration. During that grace period, things aligned with your old vibration continue to show up.

I call it a grace period, because as awesome as it sounds to be able to have what you want to manifest show up immediately, thank goodness it doesn’t!  Think of how many times you change your mind. Think of how many different thoughts you have in any given 10 minute period of time. Imagine what it would be like if all of those thoughts instantly physically manifested!  For one thing, you would drive yourself insane trying to keep yourself from thinking about anything “bad”! Imagine having to have that level of control over every single thought you have.

Unless you are some kind of Tibetan monk or guru, you most likely haven’t devoted the time and practice it would take to be in so much control of your thoughts that you could safely produce instant manifestations. It is possible, but it takes a level of complete mental control, complete trust, total faith, and a complete lack of egoic resistance. The majority of us cannot currently pull that off.  But, there are those that can, and have in front of hundreds of witnesses.

For the rest of us, we have to wait out this lag time.  It’s what we do during that waiting period that can make or break our success.  

Let’s say you are trying to manifest more money.  You have successfully recognized the inspiration from your spirit. You have been given inspiration to create a Facebook ad that will drive people to your website where they can then sign up for whatever it is you are selling.  It feels right. You have kept your resistant thoughts from getting in the way, your mind and spirit are in alignment. Then you actually took physical action by creating the Facebook ad, selecting your target audience and actually launching the ad! Your physical self is now beginning to align with your mind and spirit.  Remember, it takes longer for your physical vibration to change only because the 3rd dimension of physical matter is denser than the dimension of thought or spirit. 

You are feeling pretty optimistic though! You are sure that prosperity is just around the corner.  Then… your car breaks down.  Crap.  Now you have to spend $300 to have it repaired.  The next day, you get your credit card statement and are reminded of your huge balance and your larger than normal minimum payment due. Sound familiar? This opposite reaction to what you are trying to manifest is a real phenomenon. It happens to everyone (unless you are one of those monks or gurus mentioned before).  It is an uncomfortable inevitability.  You will feel the discomfort of the dissonance between your old stuff aligned with your old vibration, and your new vibrational thoughts.  But, on the other side of that discomfort, is the attainment of your desires.

You just have to keep your head down and stay the course. Continue to take action aligned with your new vibrational thoughts and inspiration. Don’t let yourself get knocked out of alignment!  Don’t let this seeming lack of evidence sway you from your faith.  If you give into it and let your thoughts shift back into alignment with the current physical reality, you will stay there.  

Although you will feel more comfortable with your old way of thinking, don’t allow your thoughts to go back to the vibration that matches what you are currently seeing in your environment!  Just wait and know that your environment will catch up to match the vibration of your thoughts. The shift will occur, only if you stay in alignment.

I love this quote from Abraham Hicks “The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you’re wanting, and the less resistance there is. And the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it.

The inspiration you received from your spirit is in sync with who you really are as a divine being.  Keeping your thoughts and actions aligned with this will always allow those desires to manifest.  If you let yourself start to focus again on “what is”, and “what is” is only a physical manifestation of your past vibrational frequency, then you will be in resistance with the new vibrational frequency that matches the new manifestations you hope to see.

Vibrational alignment – resistance = faster manifesting.  

Resistance will show up, but if you don’t feed it, it will go away.  Acknowledge your resistant feelings, see them for what they are, and keep going.  Keep moving in the direction of your dreams.  Will you get there ?? Still too early to conclude…. It depends on certain planetary alignment at the time of your birth which you need to understand in detail.

The Alchemy of Happiness

In the Sanskrit language, in terms of the Vedanta, the SOUL is called Atman. It means happiness or bliss itself. It is not that happiness belongs to the soul; it is that the soul itself is happiness. Today we often confuse happiness with pleasure; but pleasure is only an illusion, a shadow of happiness; and in this delusion we may pass our whole life, seeking pleasure after pleasure and never finding satisfaction. There is a saying that people look for pleasure and find pain. Every pleasure seems happiness in outward appearance; it promises happiness, for it is the shadow of happiness, but just as the shadow of a person is not the person though representing his form, so pleasure represents happiness but it’s not the REAL happiness.

According to this idea, one rarely finds souls in this world who know what happiness is; they are frequently disappointed in one thing after another. That is the nature of life in the world; it is so deluding that if a person is disappointed a thousand times, he would still take the same path, for he knows no other. The more we study life, the more we realize how rarely there is a soul who can honestly say, ‘I am happy.’ Almost every soul, whatever his position in life, will say he is unhappy in some way or another; and if you ask him why, he will probably say that it is because he cannot attain to the position, power, property, possessions, or rank for which he has worked for years. Perhaps he is craving for money and does not realize that possessions give no satisfaction; perhaps he says he has enemies, or that those whom he loves, do not love him. There are a thousand excuses for unhappiness that the reasoning mind will make.

But is even one of these excuses ever entirely correct? Do you think that if these people gained their desires, they would be happy? If they possessed all, would that suffice? No, they would still find some excuse for unhappiness; all these excuses are only like covers over a person’s eyes, for deep within is the yearning for the true happiness which none of these things can give. He who is really happy is happy everywhere, in a lavish palace or in a cottage, in riches or in poverty, for he has discovered the fountain of happiness which is situated in his own heart. As long as a person has not found that fountain, nothing will give him real happiness. The man who does not know the secret of happiness often develops avarice. He wants thousands, and when he gets them, they do not satisfy him, and he wants millions, and still, he is not satisfied; he wants more and more. If you give him your sympathy and service he is still unhappy; even all you possess is not enough, even your love does not help him, for he is seeking in a wrong direction, and life itself becomes a tragedy.

Happiness cannot be bought or sold, nor can you give it to a person who has not got it. Happiness is your own being, your own self, that self that is the most precious thing in life. All religions, all philosophical systems, have in different forms taught man how to find it by the religious path or the mystical way. And all the wise ones have in some form or another given a method by which the individual can find that happiness for which the soul is seeking. Sages and mystics have called this process ALCHEMY.

The stories of the Arabian Nights which symbolize mystical ideas are full of the belief that there is a philosopher’s stone which will turn metals into gold by a chemical process. No doubt this symbolic idea has deluded men both in the East and West. Many have thought that a process exists by which gold can be produced. But this is not the idea of the wise; the pursuit of gold is for those who as yet are only children. For those who have the consciousness of reality, gold stands for light or spiritual inspiration. Gold represents the color of light, and therefore an unconscious pursuit after the light has made men seek gold. But there is a significant difference between real gold and false. It is the longing for true gold that makes man collect the imitation gold, ignorant that the real gold is within. He satisfies the craving of his soul in this way, as a child satisfies itself by playing with dolls.

This realization is not a matter of age. One person may have reached an advanced age and still be playing with dolls, and his soul may be involved in the search for this imitation gold; while another may have begun in youth to see life in its real aspect. If one studied the transitory nature of life in the world and how changeable it is, and the constant craving of everyone for happiness, one would undoubtedly endeavour at all costs to find something one could depend upon. The man placed in the midst of this ever-changing world yet appreciates and seeks for constancy somewhere. He does not know that he must develop the nature of perseverance in himself; it is the soul’s nature to value that which is dependable. But is there anything in the world on which one can depend, which is above change and destruction? All that is born, all that is made, must one-day face destruction. All that has a beginning also has an end; but if there is anything one can depend upon it is hidden in the heart of man, it is the divine spark, the true philosopher’s stone, the real gold, which is the innermost being of a person.

A person may follow a religion and yet not realize the truth. But of what use is his religion to him if he is not happy? Religion does not mean depression and sadness. The spirit of religion should give happiness. God is happy. He is the perfection of love, harmony, and beauty. A religious person should be more satisfied than one who is not religious. If a person who professes religion is always melancholy, his religion is disgraced. The form has been kept, but the spirit lost. If the study of religion and mysticism does not lead to real joy and happiness, it may just as well not exist, for then it does not help fulfil the purpose of life. The world today is sad and suffering as a result of terrible wars. The religion which answers the demand of life today is one which invigorates and gives life to souls, which illuminates the heart of man with the divine light which is already there, not necessarily by any outer form, though for some a form may be helpful, but by showing that happiness which is the desire of every soul.

The secret of this is to be learnt in the science of breath. Breath is the essence of life, the centre of life, and the mind may be controlled by a knowledge of the proper breathing method. But these can never truly explain the mystery of that which is the centre of man’s very being. People read these books and begin to play with the breath, and often instead of benefiting, they injure both mind and body. There are also those who make a business of teaching breathing exercises for money, thus degrading a sacred thing. The science of breath is the greatest mystery there is, and for thousands of years, it has been kept as a sacred trust in the schools of the mystics.

When the mind is under perfect control and no longer restless, one can hold a thought at will as long as one wishes. This is the beginning of phenomena. Some abuse these privileges and by dissipating the power thus obtained they destroy the silver before turning it into gold. The silver must be heated before it can melt, and with what? With that warmth which is the divine essence in the heart of man, which comes forth as love, tolerance, sympathy, service, humility, unselfishness, in a stream which rises and falls in a thousand drops, each drop of which could be called a virtue, all are coming from that one stream hidden in the heart of man: the love element. And when it glows in the heart, then the actions, movements, tone of the voice, and expression show that the soul is warm. The moment this happens, a man really lives. He has unsealed the spring of happiness, which overcomes all that is jarring and inharmonious, and the spring has established itself as a divine stream.

After the heart is warmed by the divine element, which is love, the next stage is the herb, which is the love of God. But the love of God alone is not sufficient; knowledge of God is also necessary. It is the absence of God’s knowledge, which makes a man leave his religion, for there is a limit to man’s patience. Knowledge of God strengthens man’s belief in God, throws light on the individual and life. Things become clear; every leaf on a tree becomes as a page of a holy book to one whose eyes are open to the knowledge of God. When the juice of the herb of divine love is poured on the heart, warmed by the love of his fellow-men, then that heart becomes the heart of gold, the heart that expresses what God would say. Man has not seen God, but man has then seen God in man, and when this happens, then verily everything that comes from such a man comes from God himself.

True Beauty of a Child

There is a story told in the East of how a king was debating with his philosophers and friends on wherein the beauty lies. As they talked together on the terrace, they watched their children playing below in the courtyard. Suddenly the king called the slave of the courtyard and, handed him a jeweled cap, said ‘Now take this and put it on the head of the child whose beauty seems to you to suit it best. Choose and crown the most beautiful of all those playing down there.’ The slave, a little embarrassed, but pleased and interested, took the jeweled cap most carefully. First, he tried it on the king’s son. He saw that it suited the handsome lad and yet, somehow the slave was not entirely satisfied. There seemed to him something lacking about the child, and he tried it on the head of another, and another, till at last, he put it on his own little son. There he saw that the cap fitted his child exactly. It became him wonderfully. It was just the right cap for him.

So the slave took his son by the hand, leading him to the king, and trembling a little with fear said, ‘Sir, among all the children, I find that the crown suits this one best of all. I must say this, though I am ashamed to appear so bold; for indeed the boy is the son of my most unworthy self.’

Then the king and those with him laughed very heartily as he thanked the slave, rewarded him with the same cap for his child, and said, ‘Certainly you have told me what I wished to know. It is the heart that perceives beauty.’ For the son of this Negro slave was indeed a very ugly child, as the king and all those with him saw at a glance.

People say it all depends on how you look at things, but this is incomplete. It depends on how you look at things from your heart. Not from your eyes. It is the heart that perceives beauty.

It is said there is only one beautiful child in the world and every mother has it.

Rose vs Thorn

It is said that every patient carries a doctor within. If so then every sinner must be carrying a saint within. Rose and thorn are the outcome of the same plant and come from the same root. Saint and sinner both come from one source, God, the Creator of the whole humanity. It is only that the beauty, fragrance and color in the root have expressed themselves in the rose, and have not expressed themselves in the thorn.

The difference between the plant and the human being is free will. A human being cannot make the excuse, I was born a thorn, how can I become a rose? Man has his free will, he is responsible if he is a thorn, and it is to his credit if he is a rose. Man must know that as the color, fragrance and beauty are hidden in the root, so goodness and beauty both spring from the same source. The ego (Nafs) is like the rose and also like the thorns which surround the rose. It takes the place of the thorns when it is not cultivated, and it becomes a rose when it is refined. And the way to make it refined is to humble oneself and to crush one’s desires. It is by the process of crucifixion that a person refines the ego. It is a hard grain, and it must be ground till it becomes a fine powder, out of which a paste is made.

When the ego remains in the condition of a thorn, more thorns come; and more and more, till it increases its thorns to such an extent that everyone who touches that person is dissatisfied. We all have friends to whom we should be most grateful if they would keep away from us. We love them, we like them, but we would be very glad if they would keep away. What is it? It is the thorns that hurt.

In what way do these thorns manifest? They manifest in the form of words, of actions, of desires, in the form of manner. Why does one feel annoyed with certain people in life, even before they have uttered one word? Because the thorn is pricking. Perhaps that person will say, ‘But I have not said anything, I have not done anything,’ but he does not know that he has thorns; there are perhaps so many that even before he utters one word, before he moves, his presence pricks us. It is a natural outcome of the ego. Either the ego develops thorns, or it develops into a rose; and when it develops into a rose, then everyone is attracted to it because of its beautiful petals, its delicacy, its fragrance, its color, its softness, its structure. Everything about it is attractive, appealing, and healing.

In depth study of World Economy

Seeing the heading , you would have thought that I have extracted a write up of a person holding a PhD in Economics or Business Management. Nope it’s not. Sorry if I disappointed you.

Today we see philosophers in the market-place carrying their heads in baskets, and crying aloud, “Wisdom! Wisdom for Sale “. Buy one get one free !!!!
Poor philosophers! They sell their heads to feed their hearts.

Said a philosopher to a street sweeper, “I pity you. Yours is a hard and dirty task.”
And the street sweeper said, “Thank you Sir. But tell me what is your task?”
And the philosopher answered saying, “I study man’s mind, his deeds and his desires.”
Then the street sweeper went on with his sweeping and said with a smile, “I pity you too.”

One day a tourist comes to the only hotel in a debt ridden town. Lays a $100 note on the table & goes to inspect the rooms.

Hotel owner takes the note & rushes to pay his debt to the butcher.
Butcher runs to pay the cattle farmer. Cattle farmer runs to pay the feed supplier.
Feed supplier runs to pay the prostitute, who in these hard times gave her services on credit.
Prostitute then runs to pay off her debt to the hotel owner for the rooms she rented for her clients.
Hotel owner then lays the $100 note back on the counter.
The tourist comes down, takes his money & leaves as he did not like the rooms.

No one earned anything. But the town is now without debt & looks to the future with a lot of optimism. Isn’t this how the world is doing business today ? 

Reality of ” I “

Recently a friend of mine was describing a situation in which giving something away was difficult for him. He said, “I knew that we needed to get rid of those things, yet I didn’t want to give them up. So, (my wife) said she’d give them away. But that was still too much to endure, so I had to leave for a few hours.” At which point my wife happily added: “And I gave them all away.”  Then, with a contented grin, he said: “It was easy to give them away when I wasn’t there!”

Yes, that’s the key! What a brilliant statement. When our sense of self-concerned “I” is not there, matters such as worldly possessions are not important. Fortunately, whenever we choose, we can create a new way of life in which the self-concerned “I” is no longer an obstacle.

The surface of the mind is covered with a layer of self-concern called the ego, while the depth of the mind is a spark of the divine which is poetically referred to as the heart. The surface of the mind is ever churning and chattering with thoughts, opinions and worries, while the depths of the mind remain ever pure and calm. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to be so preoccupied with living on the surface that we forget about the pure, calm depths within.

Whenever we choose, we can shift our awareness away from the self-centered concerns of the head, into the selfless joys of the heart; a shift from limitation into the unlimited; a shift from attachments and desires into equanimity, shift from a world of doubt, attachment and suffering into a realm of blissful presence.

The head asks: What’s in it for me? What can I gain? How can I have more prestige, more wealth, more possessions?

The heart knows: There’s more that I can give! I can be more loving! I can be more kind, more generous, more compassionate!

There are many things in life which are intoxicating, but if we considered the nature of life we would realize that there is nothing more intoxicating than our life itself. We can see the truth of this idea when we think of what we were yesterday and compare it with our condition today. Our unhappiness or happiness, our riches or poverty of yesterday are like a dream to us; it is only today’s condition that counts.

This life of continual rise and fall and of continual changes is like running water, and man identifies himself with this running water, although in reality he does not know what he is. For instance, if a man goes from poverty to riches and then those riches are taken away from him, he laments; and he laments because he does not remember that before having those riches he was poor, and that from that poverty he came to riches.

If one considers what one’s fancies through life have been, one will find that at every stage of development one had a particular fancy, sometimes one longed for certain things and at other times one did not care for them. If one can look as a spectator at one’s own life, one will find that it was nothing but an intoxication. What at one time gives man great satisfaction and pride, at another time humiliates him; what a person enjoys at one time, troubles him at another time; what at one time he values greatly, at another time he does not value at all.

Imagination leads and illness follows

There is a saying in the East that there is one illness for which there is no remedy, and that illness is called  “imagination”. In every illness the imagination plays its role. The greater the imagination, the greater becomes that illness. But apart from illness, in every little thing in life imagination makes mischief, exaggerates it, and makes it more difficult to bear. It is not seldom but often that one sees a person feeling tired before he has worked, at the very thought of the work. When working, that tiredness which was imagined before increases still more and before the work is finished the person is exhausted. One will often see that the head or supervisor of a factory is more tired after two hour’s work than the workman who has perhaps worked all day long with the engines. A superintendent of a garden becomes much more tired than the gardener who has been working on the soil all day long. Often a person in the audience becomes much more tired than the singer who has sung the whole program of the evening. And before having walked so many miles a person may have become tired at the thought of it. -J

This is not rare, very often one finds that one exaggerates tiredness, confusion, pain, and trouble, and makes a mountain out of a molehill without knowing it. If that person were told, he would not accept it, would not admit it, yet at the same time it is so. Out of a hundred persons, sufferers from a certain illness, you will find ninety-nine who could be cured if their imagination allowed them to be cured.

With children pain increases with imagination, and therefore the one who understands this can stop the pain of a child more quickly than by any medicine, for the child is responsive to suggestion. A grown-up person who holds his imagination in hand and does not let it loose, is difficult to help, but a child can be helped in a moment. A child may be crying in pain, and in a moment’s time, if you can get its imagination away from it, you can cure it. 

A fear of illness comes upon many even before they have felt the pain, if a physician has told them that there is something wrong with them. The physician may be mistaken, yet the fear of the pain that is anticipated takes the place of the disease. With the mentally deranged imagination is the main reason at the back of their illness.

The more we study this question, the more we find that our mind is the master of life; and we become the possessor of the Kingdom of God as soon as we have realized the power of thought and concentration upon our life. It is because of the absence of such knowledge that one does not value that divine spark which is in oneself; and by being unconscious of it one goes down and down, till one reaches the deepest depths. No sooner has one realized this than one begins to respect oneself; and it is the self-respecting person who has respect for another, it is the one who helps himself who will help another, it is the one who can raise himself who will take another person also towards the heights. Once we have found the remedy to cure this disease which comes from the imagination, then there is no other disease which we cannot manage to get above; we only have to realize the source of perfection within ourselves.

Kun faya Kun

Kun fayakoon (كُن فَيَكُونُ) is a Qur’anic term which occurs in the Qur’an in various different places. The word ‘Kun’ means to ‘be’, manifest or exist. ‘Kun fayakoon’ when translated means ‘Be, and it is’. It is used in reference to Allah’s Glorious creation powers. These are not only religious verses; to the mystic or seer the deepest revelation is contained in them. The ­first phrase conveys that if anything exists that we can express, we can describe it only by what we term ‘Word’. The second phrase explains another aspect of this mystery, which is that to enable the soul, surrounded by the darkness of this world of illusion, to come to light, first the Word was necessary. This means that the original Spirit was concealed in the mystery of the Word, and that in in the mystery of the Word, the mystery of the Spirit was to be found.

Here is a thought, which may be pondered over for years, each time with fresh inspiration. It teaches that the first sign of life manifested was the audible expression or sound: that is the Word. When we compare this interpretation with the Vedanta philosophy, we find that the two are identical. The sacred Name, the sacred Word, were always esteemed in the Jewish religion. Also in Islam, that great religion whose mysticism the West is only beginning to discover, one finds the doctrine of Ism ur-rasm which translated is the ‘doctrine of the mystical word’. 

The deeper we dive into the mystery of life, the more we find that its whole secret is hidden in what we call words. All occult science, religious practices and mystical practices are based upon the science of Word or sound. Man is a mystery in all aspects of his being, not only in mind and soul but also in that organism which he calls his body. It is his body, of which the mystics say that it is the temple of God. This is not a mere saying or belief, for if man studies his body from the mystical point of view, he will find it to be much more subtle and far-reaching, and much more capable of doing, understanding and feeling than he believes it to be. There are faculties of the soul which express themselves through certain centers in the body of man. As there are parts of lands to which water never reaches and therefore they never become fertile soil, so it is with these centers when the breath never reaches them. They are intuitive, they are full of peace and balance, they are the centers of illumination, yet never have they been awakened, for man has breathed only in those parts of his body by which he can eat, and live, and perform action. He is only half alive, if his existence is compared with the fullness of life that can be obtained by spiritual development. It may be compared to living in a great town and not knowing that there are many beautiful things that one has never seen. As there are many people who travel to distant lands and do not know their own country, so it is with man. He is interested in all that brings beauty and joy, and yet does not know the source of all such things in himself.

Man breathes, but he does not breathe rightly. As the rain falls on the ground and matures little plants and makes the soil fertile, so the breath, the essence of all energy, falls as a rain on all parts of the body. This also happens in the case of the mind, but man cannot even perceive that part of the breath that quickens the mind; only that felt in the body is perceptible, and to the average man it is not even noticeable in the body. He knows nothing of it, except what appears in the form of inhalation and exhalation through the nostrils. It is this, alone which is generally meant when man speaks of breath.

When we study the science of breath, the first thing we notice is that breath is audible; it is a word in itself, for what we call a word is only a more pronounced utterance of breath fashioned by the mouth and tongue. In the capacity of the mouth breath becomes voice, and therefore the original condition of a word is breath. Therefore if we said: ‘First was the breath’, it would be the same as saying; ‘In the beginning was the word’. The first life that existed was the life of God, and from that all manifestation branched out. It is a manifold expression of one life: one flower blooming as so many petals, one breath expressing itself as so many words.

What is it that makes a word sacred or important? Is not every Word as sacred and important as another? That is true – but for whom is it sacred? For the pure and exalted souls to whom every Word breathes the Name of God, but not for the average man. There are souls who are at that stage of evolution in which every Word is the sacred Name. But when a teacher gives a method, it is not given to the exalted souls but to beginners, and therefore words are selected and given to pupils by the Guru or teacher, as a physician would give a prescription, knowing for which complaint and for what purpose it is given.

Great importance is given by the mystics to the number of repetitions, for numbers are a science and every number of repetitions has a certain value. One repetition means one thing and a few more mean something quite different, as in medicine one grain of a drug may heal and ten may destroy life. In repetition lies the secret of power, therefore it is a great mistake when people take the ways of spiritual culture lightly as an everyday interest, as a little hobby, and learn from a book or from some slight instruction given to them. If they attempt to practice from such knowledge only, they are risking their lives. Imagine a center, which should be awakened at a certain time of evolution being awakened before that time is reached. It would be a disaster!

There are certain words which attract a certain blessing in life. Some attract power, some bring release from difficulties, some give courage and strength. There are words which can heal, others which give comfort and ease, and again others which have greater effects still. Now when a person in need of peace and rest uses words that bring courage and strength, he will become even more restless. It is just like taking medicine which is a tonic to cure a high fever. Then there is another question, namely: what makes a word powerful? Is it the meaning, the vibration, the way it is used, or the knowledge of the teacher who teaches the pupil to repeat it? The answer to such a question is that some words have power because of their meaning, others because of the vibration they produce, others for their influence upon the various centers. And there are some words given by saints, sages and prophets which have come inspirationally from God. In them is all blessing and the mystery of how to acquire all that the soul desires in life. If there exists any phenomenon or miracle it is in the power of words. But those who know of this power and who possess it never show it to others. Spiritual attainment is not a thing to be brought before people to prove that it is real, or as a show. What is real is proof in itself, what is beyond all price or value does not need to be made much of before people. What is real is real, and the precious is precious in itself: it needs no explanation nor pleading.

The greatest lesson of mysticism is to know all, gain all, attain all things and be silent. The more the disciple gains, the more humble he becomes, and when any person makes this gain a means of proving himself in any way superior to others, it is a proof that he does not really possess it. He may have a spark within himself, but the torch is not yet lighted. There is a saying among the Hindus that the tree that bears much fruit bows low. Words have power to vibrate through different parts of man’s body. There are words that echo in the heart, and there are others that do so in the head, and again others that have power over the body. By certain words definite emotions can be quickened or calmed. There is also a science of syllables, which has its own particular effect.

Be quiet as a Serpent

The secret of all attainment is centered in reserve. Spiritual or material, when a person has told his plans to others, he has let out the energy that he should have kept as a reservoir of power for the accomplishment of his object. The teaching, ‘Be wise as a serpent,’ may be interpreted, ‘Be quiet as a serpent.’ It is quietude that gives wisdom and power. The thought held in mind speaks to the mind of another, but the thought spoken out most often only reaches the ears of a person. Every plan has a period of development; and if man has power over his impulse, by retaining the thought silently in mind, he allows the plan to develop and to take all necessary changes that it may take for its culmination. But when the impulse expresses the thought, it so to speak ‘puts out the flame,’ thus hindering the development of the plan. The wise speak with their mind many times before they speak about it to anybody.

Spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of life, is so intoxicating, so exalting, it gives such a great joy, that one begins to pour out one’s knowledge before anyone who comes along as soon as this knowledge springs up. But if at that time the disciple could realize that he should conserve that kindling of the light, reserve it, keep it within himself and let it deepen, then his words would not be necessary and his presence would enlighten people. As soon as the spring rises and he pours forth what comes out of that spring in words, although on the one side his vanity will be satisfied, on the other side his energy will be exhausted. The little spring that had risen, he has poured out before others and he remains without power. This is why reserve is taught to the true disciple, the conserving of inspiration and power. The one who speaks is not always wise; it is the one who listens who is wise.