The Body, Mind and Soul

It used to be that when I heard these words, I would envision a Buddhist Monk sitting in some meditative position on a picturesque mountainside. Peaceful and Calm… These three words are more than an advertising tag line.  In fact, these words may be the most important three words next to “I love you.”  TheContinue reading “The Body, Mind and Soul”

Imagination leads and illness follows

There is a saying in the East that there is one illness for which there is no remedy, and that illness is called  “imagination”. In every illness the imagination plays its role. The greater the imagination, the greater becomes that illness. But apart from illness, in every little thing in life imagination makes mischief, exaggeratesContinue reading “Imagination leads and illness follows”

Kun faya Kun

Kun fayakoon (كُن فَيَكُونُ) is a Qur’anic term which occurs in the Qur’an in various different places. The word ‘Kun’ means to ‘be’, manifest or exist. ‘Kun fayakoon’ when translated means ‘Be, and it is’. It is used in reference to Allah’s Glorious creation powers. These are not only religious verses; to the mystic orContinue reading “Kun faya Kun”

Vibes can speak louder than words

In reality very few in this world know what happiness means. Pleasure is the shadow of happiness, for pleasure depends upon things outside ourselves; happiness comes from within ourselves. Happiness belongs to the heart quality; pleasure to the outer world. The distance between pleasure and happiness is as vast as that between earth and heaven.Continue reading “Vibes can speak louder than words”