Live and let live

Suppose an average human life in today’s world is not more than 60 years. If you analyse the break-up of activities associated with these 60 years of your life, you can see that it more or less matches with the following:

12 Years in Working

22 Years in Sleeping

04 Years in Routine Travelling

05 Years in Eating

03 Years in Bathing, Dressing etc…

06 Years in Useless Chatting, social media

04 Years in Sickness & Illness, may be more

Balance ? Only 4 Years

My only question to one and all is, why should we think, involve in activities that result in sufferings, terror, hatred, fighting, killings etc… in the short span of 4 years left . It needs to be utilized in a better way by doing all good things, helping others and thanking God for the opportunity given to us in being a human being…

Live and Let Live.

Published by The Mystic

I am still looking for me ever since I decided to come out of my false ego. I am not my MIND nor my BODY.

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