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The impression that is made upon our mind has quite a different character from the impression that is made upon objects. Whatever impression our mind takes it not only holds as a stone holds an impression, but it produces the same several times in a moment, thus keeping it a living impression. And it is that life of the impression which is held in the mind, that becomes audible to the ears of the heart. It is in this way that we all, more or less, feel the thought or the feeling of another, his pleasure or displeasure, his joy or disappointment, for it is continually repeated in his mind. We are listeners of our mind and we hear it’s voice quite frequently.

The impression in the mind does not stand still like a picture. The phenomenon of memory is such that one creates all that the memory holds, not only the vibrations that the memory holds, but the vibrations or forms in answer to it. For instance, a person has a deep impression of fear in his mind. The consequence is that the mind is at work to produce an object of its fear. In the dream, in imagination, in a wakeful state that fear is created. One can easily understand that it is created in the dream, but how in the wakeful state? Everything that is around a person, his friends, his foes, conditions, environment, all take a form which will frighten the mind that is holding fear in it. How wonderful then the plane of mind is ?

So the miseries are attracted especially by those who fear miseries; disappointment is brought about by those who expect a disappointment; failure is caused by holding the impression of a failure. Often people say, “I shall never succeed, I shall never succeed. Everything I do goes wrong, there is something wrong.” Have you heard the saying ” the best way to abstain from sin is to wipe out when that thought crosses the mind “. Otherwise the impression will remain and will induce us to commit the sin.

When a person is continually thinking, “Nothing will happen right, nothing good will come”, failure is anticipated; even if he as everything around him to achieve success he would still meet with failure. In this way we become the creator of our condition, of our fate. Many there are who see no prospects before them in life.

Published by The Mystic

I am still looking for me ever since I decided to come out of my false ego. I am not my MIND nor my BODY.

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