Belief and Disbelief

A Businessman who lost everything in a fire placed a Sign Board: “Everything burnt but luckily faith & confidence undamaged. Business starts tomorrow”

Belief is natural and disbelief is unnatural, for belief is born in man and unbelief is acquired. If the child had been born with unbelief, he would not even have learned the language of the mother. If she had said, “This is water,” the child would have answered, “No, this is bread.” Every child born on earth is born with a tendency to believe what is taught, but experience in this world full of falsehood teaches man to disbelieve. Every soul comes from the world of truth, and opens his eyes in the world of falsehood. Every child comes into the world with that purity of heart whose natural tendency is to believe, and later he acquires the tendency to doubt.

The right explanation of unbelief would be that everything that is strange to man he explains by reason and by knowledge already acquired, and when something does not tally with what he already knows, he disbelieves. Doubt is earth-born, and belief is heaven-born. Light is caused by the sun, and shade is caused by the earth. The light of the soul, therefore, is belief; the mind gives unbelief. In belief a hidden power exists, and that power is called self-confidence. The person who trusts another does not always trust by the power and influence of another person, but by his own power and confidence.

You have choices . Either to believe what I have written above or to disbelieve straightaway.

Published by The Mystic

I am still looking for me ever since I decided to come out of my false ego. I am not my MIND nor my BODY.

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