Know thyself and thou shalt know God

If you are truly a seeker of Truth, Truth cannot hide from you. It is in the lap of Truth that you have happened. Most people who claim to be seekers are only seeking security, solace, or the fulfilment of their desires. Their life is just an expression of their greed and fear. Do you see, many people in the world shamelessly claim to be God-fearing? They are not God-loving, they are God-fearing. Unless you have fallen in love with the creation, how can you love the one who created it? Everyone can love God, he does not demand anything from you, but to love the one next to you right now costs life. It is a challenge. It takes much courage to do this. ‘Love thy neighbor’ is a very good device for breaking your illusion of loving the one who is in the heavens.

Shiyam Marooz

A genuine seeker is a person who develops an urge within and will find his Guru. He may find it in a man, in a woman, or he may find it even in a rock. He will definitely find it somewhere, there is no doubt about it. When any being calls or really yearns, the existence answers. If the thirst within you is strong enough, God always answers. I’m a seeker.

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